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Details for Eric Vanderduys

Eric Vanderduys has provided photos for the following 15 species

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Thumbnail Scientific name Common name Genus Family Broad distribution
McIlwraith leaf-tailed gecko (Orraya occultus)
McIlwraith Range, Queensland
© Eric Vanderduys
Orraya occultus McIlwraith leaf-tailed gecko Orraya Gekkonidae Queensland
Congoo gecko (Strophurus congoo)
Petford region, Queensland
© Eric Vanderduys
Strophurus congoo Congoo gecko Strophurus Gekkonidae Queensland
satinay sand skink (Coggeria naufragus)
Fraser Island, Queensland
© Eric Vanderduys
Coggeria naufragus Satinay sand skink Coggeria Scincidae Queensland
Fuhn's snake-eyed skink (Cryptoblepharus fuhni)
Cape Melville, Queensland
© Eric Vanderduys
Cryptoblepharus fuhni Fuhn's snake-eyed skink Cryptoblepharus Scincidae Queensland
dwarf mulch-skink (Glaphyromorphus pumilus)
Sir William Thompson Range, Queensland
© Eric Vanderduys
Glaphyromorphus pumilus Dwarf mulch-skink Glaphyromorphus Scincidae Queensland
Retro slider (Lerista allanae)
Clermont region, Queensland
© Eric Vanderduys
Lerista allanae Retro slider Lerista Scincidae Queensland
noonbah robust slider (Lerista emmotti)
Windorah, Queensland
© Eric Vanderduys
Lerista emmotti Noonbah robust slider Lerista Scincidae New South Wales
South Australia
lesser robust fine-lined slider (Lerista karlschmidti)
Elcho Island, Northern Territory
© Eric Vanderduys
Lerista karlschmidti Lesser robust fine-lined slider Lerista Scincidae Northern Territory
Rochford slider (Lerista rochfordensis)
Rochford Scrub, Queensland
© Eric Vanderduys
Lerista rochfordensis Rochford slider Lerista Scincidae Queensland
Arnhem Coast fine-lined slider (Lerista stylis)
Gove, Northern Territory
© Eric Vanderduys
Lerista stylis Arnhem Coast fine-lined slider Lerista Scincidae Northern Territory
leaden-bellied fine-line slider (Lerista vanderduysi)
Lynd, Queensland
© Eric Vanderduys
Lerista vanderduysi Leaden-bellied fine-line slider Lerista Scincidae Queensland
sun-loving litter-skink (Lygisaurus zuma)
Paluma, Queensland
© Eric Vanderduys
Lygisaurus zuma Sun-loving litter-skink Lygisaurus Scincidae Queensland
no-spined blind snake (Anilios aspina)
Julia Creek, Queensland
© Eric Vanderduys
Anilios aspina No-spined blind snake Anilios Typhlopidae Queensland
faint-striped blind snake (Anilios broomi)
Brooklyn Station, Queenland
© Eric Vanderduys
Anilios broomi Faint-striped blind snake Anilios Typhlopidae Queensland
Cape York striped blind snake (Anilios chamodracaena)
Pormpuraaw, Queensland
© Eric Vanderduys
Anilios chamodracaena Cape York striped blind snake Anilios Typhlopidae Queensland
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