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  • If you have a reptile you want to identify, photos of the critter will be very helpful. Send us a brief message using the form below, and we'll reply with details on how to send us photos.
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AROD photo submissions
If you're interested in contributing photos to the Australian Reptile Online Database, send us a message using this form and let us know what photos you can provide.

Requests for photo usage
The photos on this website have been contributed by a large number of generous and very attractive photographers. Each photograph remains the property of its photographer. If you would like to enquire about using a photo, please state which photos you are enquiring about, and the purpose you wish to use them for. Non-specific requests such as "Can I please use your photos for my thing?" are unlikely to receive a response. All requests for photos will be forwarded to the relevant photographer, and you will hear back from them directly if they can help you. Pro-tip: offering money is a good way to get a positive response!

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