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Michael Anthony has provided photos for the following 3 species

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Thumbnail Scientific name Common name Genus Family Broad distribution
McIlwraith ring-tailed gecko (Cyrtodactylus pronarus)
McIlwraith Range, Queensland
© Michael Anthony
Cyrtodactylus pronarus McIlwraith ring-tailed gecko Cyrtodactylus Gekkonidae Queensland
fire-tailed rainbow-skink (Lygisaurus parrhasius)
Glennie Tableland, Queensland
© Michael Anthony
Lygisaurus parrhasius Fire-tailed rainbow-skink Lygisaurus Scincidae Queensland
fine-browed dwarf skink (Pygmaeascincus koshlandae)
McIvor River, Queensland
© Michael Anthony
Pygmaeascincus koshlandae Fine-browed dwarf skink Pygmaeascincus Scincidae Queensland
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