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Details for Lindley McKay

Lindley McKay has provided photos for the following 3 species

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Thumbnail Scientific name Common name Genus Family Broad distribution
Arnhem Land skink (Bellatorias obiri)
Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory
© Lindley McKay
Bellatorias obiri Arnhem Land skink Bellatorias Scincidae Northern Territory
Arafura snake-eyed skink (Cryptoblepharus gurrmul)
Templar Island, Northern Territory
© Lindley McKay
Cryptoblepharus gurrmul Arafura snake-eyed skink Cryptoblepharus Scincidae Northern Territory
orange-tailed soil-crevice skink (Proablepharus naranjicaudus)
Pigeon Hole Station, Northern Territory
© Lindley McKay
Proablepharus naranjicaudus Orange-tailed soil-crevice skink Proablepharus Scincidae Northern Territory
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