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Details for Brendan Schembri
Brendan lives and breaths snakes. In fact, he'd marry one if it weren't for the social stigma that surrounds the love shared between man and serpent. He's currently terrorising wildlife in the Northern Territory.

Brendan Schembri has provided photos for the following 27 species

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Scientific name Common name Genus Family Broad distribution
Diplodactylus custos Kimberley fat-tailed gecko Diplodactylus Gekkonidae WA
Diplodactylus hillii Northern fat-tailed gecko Diplodactylus Gekkonidae NT
Gehyra baliola Short-tailed dtella Gehyra Gekkonidae Qld
Gehyra pluraporosa Northern Kimberley gecko Gehyra Gekkonidae WA
Strophurus horneri Arnhem phasmid gecko Strophurus Gekkonidae NT
Ctenophorus rubens Reddening sand-dragon Ctenophorus Agamidae WA
Varanus baritji Black-spotted spiny-tailed monitor Varanus Varanidae NT
Varanus glauerti Kimberley rock monitor Varanus Varanidae NT, WA
Varanus primordius Northern ridge-tailed monitor Varanus Varanidae NT
Cyclodomorphus maximus Giant slender blue-tongue Cyclodomorphus Scincidae WA
Egernia formosa Goldfields crevice-skink Egernia Scincidae WA
Eremiascincus intermedius Northern narrow–banded skink Eremiascincus Scincidae NT, WA
Lerista alia Bulleringa fine-lined slider Lerista Scincidae Qld
Saproscincus eungellensis Eungella shadeskink Saproscincus Scincidae Qld
Acanthophis cryptamydros Kimberley death adder Acanthophis Elapidae WA, NT
Austrelaps ramsayi Highlands copperhead Austrelaps Elapidae ACT, NSW, Vic
Brachyurophis roperi Northern shovel-nosed snake Brachyurophis Elapidae NT, WA, Qld
Cryptophis nigrostriatus Black-striped snake Cryptophis Elapidae Qld
Demansia reticulata Reticulated whipsnake Demansia Elapidae WA, NT, SA
Furina barnardi Yellow-naped snake Furina Elapidae Qld
Oxyuranus scutellatus Coastal taipan Oxyuranus Elapidae NSW, NT, Qld, WA
Parasuta monachus Monk snake Parasuta Elapidae NT, SA, WA
Pseudechis weigeli Western pygmy mulga snake Pseudechis Elapidae NT, Qld, WA
Hydrelaps darwiniensis Black-ringed mangrove snake Hydrelaps Hydrophiidae Qld, NT, WA, 200 m bathymetric
Parahydrophis mertoni Northern mangrove snake Parahydrophis Hydrophiidae NT, 200 m bathymetric
Fordonia leucobalia White-bellied mangrove snake Fordonia Homalopsidae NT, Qld, WA
Myron richardsonii Richardson's mangrove snake Myron Homalopsidae NT, Qld, WA
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