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Details for Anders Zimny

Anders Zimny has provided photos for the following 12 species

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Thumbnail Scientific name Common name Genus Family Broad distribution
skin-shedding dtella (Gehyra mutilata)
Hawaii, United States of America
© Anders Zimny
Gehyra mutilata Skin-shedding dtella Gehyra Gekkonidae Christmas Island
blue-tailed goanna (Varanus doreanus)
Lockerbie Scrub, Queensland
© Anders Zimny
Varanus doreanus Blue-tailed goanna Varanus Varanidae Queensland
short-necked worm-skink (Anomalopus brevicollis)
Mount Etna, Queensland
© Anders Zimny
Anomalopus brevicollis Short-necked worm-skink Anomalopus Scincidae Queensland
limbless snake-tooth skink (Coeranoscincus frontalis)
Atherton Tablelands, Queensland
© Anders Zimny
Coeranoscincus frontalis Limbless snake-tooth skink Coeranoscincus Scincidae Queensland
unspotted ctenotus (Ctenotus astictus)
Gove Peninsula, Northern Territory
© Anders Zimny
Ctenotus astictus Unspotted ctenotus Ctenotus Scincidae Northern Territory
short-footed ctenotus (Ctenotus brevipes)
Aurukuun, Queensland
© Anders Zimny
Ctenotus brevipes Short-footed ctenotus Ctenotus Scincidae Queensland
Nullum ctenotus (Ctenotus nullum)
Laura, Queensland
© Anders Zimny
Ctenotus nullum Nullum ctenotus Ctenotus Scincidae Queensland
Southern Cape York finesnout ctenotus (Ctenotus zebrilla)
Mount Carbine region, Queensland
© Anders Zimny
Ctenotus zebrilla Southern Cape York finesnout ctenotus Ctenotus Scincidae Queensland
lowlands bar-lipped skink (Eremiascincus pardalis)
Pormpuraaw, Queensland
© Anders Zimny
Eremiascincus pardalis Lowlands bar-lipped skink Eremiascincus Scincidae Queensland
Bartle Frere barsided skink (Eulamprus frerei)
Mount Bartle Frere, Queensland
© Anders Zimny
Eulamprus frerei Bartle Frere barsided skink Eulamprus Scincidae Queensland
robust burrowing snake (Antaioserpens albiceps)
Aurukuun, Queensland
© Anders Zimny
Antaioserpens albiceps Robust burrowing snake Antaioserpens Elapidae Queensland
Cape York shovel-nosed snake (Brachyurophis campbelli)
Aurukun, Queensland
© Anders Zimny
Brachyurophis campbelli Cape York shovel-nosed snake Brachyurophis Elapidae Queensland
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