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Stephen Zozaya has provided photos for the following 44 species

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Scientific name Common name Genus Family Broad distribution
Diplodactylus ameyi Eastern deserts fat-tailed gecko Diplodactylus Gekkonidae Qld, NSW
Diplodactylus capensis Cape Range stone gecko Diplodactylus Gekkonidae WA
Diplodactylus galeatus Helmeted gecko Diplodactylus Gekkonidae NT, SA
Gehyra catenata Chain-backed dtella Gehyra Gekkonidae Qld
Gehyra einasleighensis Einasleigh rock dtella Gehyra Gekkonidae Qld
Gehyra montium Centralian dtella Gehyra Gekkonidae NT, SA, WA
Gehyra nana Northern spotted rock dtella Gehyra Gekkonidae NT, Qld, WA
Gehyra pilbara Pilbara dtella Gehyra Gekkonidae NT, WA
Nactus cheverti Chevert's gecko Nactus Gekkonidae Qld
Nactus galgajuga Black Mountain gecko Nactus Gekkonidae Qld
Oedura argentea Silver-eyed velvet gecko Oedura Gekkonidae Qld
Oedura castelnaui Northern velvet gecko Oedura Gekkonidae Qld
Oedura cincta Inland marbled velvet gecko Oedura Gekkonidae Qld, NT, NSW, SA
Oedura filicipoda Fringe-toed velvet gecko Oedura Gekkonidae WA
Oedura fimbria Western marbled velvet gecko Oedura Gekkonidae WA
Oedura marmorata Marbled velvet gecko Oedura Gekkonidae NT
Phyllurus amnicola Riverine leaf-tailed gecko Phyllurus Gekkonidae Qld
Strophurus rankini Exmouth spiny-tailed gecko Strophurus Gekkonidae WA
Strophurus taeniatus Phasmid striped gecko Strophurus Gekkonidae NT, Qld, WA
Ctenophorus femoralis Long-tailed sand-dragon Ctenophorus Agamidae WA
Diporiphora adductus Carnarvon dragon Diporiphora Agamidae WA
Diporiphora albilabris White-lipped two-lined dragon Diporiphora Agamidae NT, WA
Pogona henrylawsoni Downs bearded dragon Pogona Agamidae Qld
Varanus pilbarensis Northern Pilbara rock monitor Varanus Varanidae WA
Varanus storri Storr's monitor Varanus Varanidae NT, Qld, WA
Carlia rostralis Black-throated rainbow-skink Carlia Scincidae Qld
Ctenotus astarte Stony downs ctenotus Ctenotus Scincidae Qld
Ctenotus burbidgei Plain-backed Kimberley ctenotus Ctenotus Scincidae WA
Ctenotus coggeri Brown-backed ctenotus Ctenotus Scincidae NT
Lampropholis amicula Friendly sunskink Lampropholis Scincidae NSW, Qld
Lerista borealis Inland Kimberley slider Lerista Scincidae WA, NT
Lerista storri Mount Surprise slider Lerista Scincidae Qld
Liasis olivaceus Olive python Liasis Pythonidae NT, Qld, WA
Dendrelaphis calligastra Northern tree snake Dendrelaphis Colubridae Qld
Acanthophis pyrrhus Desert death adder Acanthophis Elapidae NT, Qld, SA, WA
Acanthophis wellsi Pilbara death adder Acanthophis Elapidae WA
Demansia rimicola Crack-dwelling whipsnake Demansia Elapidae NSW, NT, Qld, SA, WA
Demansia torquata Collared whipsnake Demansia Elapidae Qld
Suta ordensis Ord curl snake Suta Elapidae NT, WA
Natator depressus Flatback turtle Natator Cheloniidae 200 m bathymetric, Qld, NT, WA
Elseya albagula Southern snapping turtle Elseya Cheluidae Qld
Elseya dentata Northern snapping turtle Elseya Cheluidae NT, WA
Elseya stirlingi Stirling's turtle Elseya Cheluidae Qld
Emydura subglobosa Painted turtle Emydura Cheluidae NT, Qld
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