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In this quiz you will be shown a photo of an Australian reptile and a list of possible species. You will then have to pick the correct option. Some of the pictures will not show enough detail to enable you to identify the animal, so you might need to look at one of the hints. Even then you might not be able to get it correct - don't fret, it's just a game. The level of difficulty controls the list of species you are shown as possible answers: easy will give you a list of any reptile, hard will give you a list of reptiles in the same genus.

Difficulty level: easy | medium | hard | almost impossible
Your score: 0 out of 0 - clear score
Look at this picture:

© Jordan de Jong

What species is this?


States/territories in which this species is found:

Photo caption (this will probably tell you where this animal is from):

Hoskin's ring-tailed gecko (Cyrtodactylus hoskini)
Western stone gecko (Diplodactylus granariensis)
Tree dtella (Gehyra variegata)
Arnhem phasmid gecko (Strophurus horneri)
Oakview leaf-tailed gecko (Phyllurus kabikabi)

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