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Chris Jolly has provided photos for the following 4 species

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Thumbnail Scientific name Common name Genus Family Broad distribution
lined earless dragon (Tympanocryptis lineata)
Andado Station, Northern Territory
© Chris Jolly
Tympanocryptis lineata Lined earless dragon Tympanocryptis Agamidae New South Wales
Australian Capital Territory
Northern Territory
Western Australia
black-soil ctenotus (Ctenotus joanae)
Barkly Tablelands, Northern Territory
© Chris Jolly
Ctenotus joanae Black-soil ctenotus Ctenotus Scincidae Northern Territory
Atherton ctenotus (Ctenotus monticola)
Mareeba, Queensland
© Chris Jolly
Ctenotus monticola Atherton ctenotus Ctenotus Scincidae Queensland
Barkly Death Adder (Acanthophis hawkei)
Barkly Tablelands, Northern Territory
© Chris Jolly
Acanthophis hawkei Barkly Death Adder Acanthophis Elapidae Northern Territory
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