A field guide to reptiles of Queensland (2003) by Steve Wilson


Title: A field guide to reptiles of Queensland
Author: Steve Wilson
Year published: 2003
Summary: The best field guide available for Queensland reptiles.

This is one of my favourite books (dinosaurs aside). From the fantastic cover photo to the great layout inside, it's got everything you want in a field guide. Some of the key features are:

  • bioregions of Queensland, including photos of representative habitat
  • illustrations of reptile anatomical features that are used in identification
  • dichotomous keys
  • great photography

When ever I travel in Queensland I always take this book with me, as it's the best book for identifying the reptiles of this state. But I also take an Australia-wide reptile book. I use this Queensland book to help identify whatever species I've found, but I then like to read about all of the closely related species, even those not occurring in Queensland.

One of the best field guides out there (certainly the best for Queensland species), but it's limited to Queensland.

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