Care of Australian reptiles in captivity by John Weigel


Title: Care of Australian reptiles in captivity
Author: John Weigel
Year published: 1988 (with many reprints afterwards)
Summary: If you're starting out with keeping reptiles, this book is mandatory reading.

This is a must-have book if you want to keep a pet reptile. The book is very easy to read and understand (even for kids), with eight colour pages of John's exceptional photography in the middle. It covers general reptile keeping in the following sections:

  • legal requirements
  • housing (including special considerations for venomous snakes)
  • feeding
  • health concerns
  • breeding

There are then specific care sheets for a number of the most commonly kept reptile species.

If you're an experienced reptile keeper, you've probably already got this book. If you're just starting out in the world of pet reptiles, this book should be the first purchase you make.

John tells me that "a fully revised and expanded edition of this book will be available in the not-too-distant future". John's a very busy man, but he's working on the book when he can.

Care sheets for the following species are included:

Oedura robusta
Southern spotted velvet gecko (Oedura tryoni)
Broad-tailed gecko (Phyllurus platurus)

Thick-tailed gecko (Underwoodisaurus milii)

Burton's legless lizard (Lialis burtonis)
Western hooded scaly-foot (Pygopus nigriceps)

Common scaly-foot (Pygopus lepidopodus)

Lace monitor (Varanus varius)

Sand goanna (Varanus gouldii)

Ridge-tailed monitor (Varanus acanthurus)
Central netted dragon (Ctenophorus nuchalis)

Jacky dragon (Amphibolurus muricatus)

Physignathus lesueurii

Bearded dragons (Pogona spp.)

Tree skink (Egernia striolata)
White's skink (Liopholis whitii)

Land mullet (Bellatorias major)
Major skink (Bellatorias frerei)

Broad-banded sand-swimmer (Eremiascincus richardsonii)
Eastern narrow-banded skink (Eremiascincus fasciolatus)

Yellow-bellied water-skink (Eulamprus heatwolei)
Eastern water-skink (Eulamprus quoyii)

Pink-tongued skink (Cyclodomorphus gerrardii)

Common blue-tongued skink (Tiliqua scincoides)
Blotched blue-tongued skink (Tiliqua nigrolutea)

Shingleback (Tiliqua rugosa)

Children's python (Antaresia childreni)

Carpet python (Morelia spilota)

Black-headed python (Aspidites melanocephalus)
Liasis mackloti
Olive python (Liasis olivaceus)
Morelia kinghorni

Brown tree snake (Boiga irregularis)

Common tree snake (Dendrelaphis punctulatus)

Common death adder (Acanthophis antarcticus)

Lowlands copperhead (Austrelaps superbus)
Tiger snake (Notechis scutatus)

Yellow-faced whipsnake (Demansia psammophis)

De Vis' banded snake (Denisonia devisi)
Curl snake (Suta suta)

Marsh snake (Hemiaspis signata)

Pale-headed snake (Hoplocephalus bitorquatus)

Mulga snake (Pseudechis australis)
Collett's snake (Pseudechis colletti)
Spotted black snake (Pseudechis guttatus)

Red-bellied black snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus)

Northern brown snake (Pseudonaja nuchalis)

Broad-shelled turtle (Chelodina expansa)

Eastern long-necked turtle (Chelodina longicollis)

Murray River turtle (Emydura macquarii)

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