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Bartleia - Hutchinson, Donnellan, Baverstock, Krieg, Simm & Burgin, 1990

 Etymology: "The name is based on Mt Bartle Frere, the only known habitat of the species. Genus feminine."1

Taxonomic notes:

The sole member of this genus is now placed in Techmarscincus.

Statistics: Reproductive modes:

Size range:

Number of Australian species: 0

  1. Hutchinson, MN; Donnellan, SC; Baverstock, PR; Krieg, M.; Simms, S.; & Burgin, S. (1990). Immunological relationships and generic revision of the Australian lizards assigned to the genus Leiolopisma (Scincidae: Lygosominae). Australian Journal of Zoology, 38(5):535-554. - search web for this article
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