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Small velvet geckos
Amalosia - Wells & Wellington, 1984

Pronunciation: AMM-ah-LOWS-ee-ah
 Etymology: tender, soft.1

Taxonomic notes:

Members of this genus were formerly included in Oedura. While Wells & Wellington erected this genus in 19841, their description was considered to be insufficient. It wasn't until a thorough review of Oedura was undertaken in 2012 that this genus was widely recognised2.

Statistics: Reproductive modes:
Oviparous - 4 out of 4 Australian species

Size range:
Smallest Australian species: clouded gecko (Amalosia jacovae) at 6 cm
 Longest Australian species: Lesueur's velvet gecko (Amalosia lesueurii) at 8 cm
Number of Australian species: 4

clouded gecko (Amalosia jacovae)
Lamington Plateau, Queensland
Photo © Stewart Macdonald
clouded gecko (Amalosia jacovae) distribution range map Amalosia jacovae
Clouded gecko
Year described
(Couper, Keim & Hoskin 2007)
A dark-edged, zigzag band runs along the back. This band is usually fragmented by narrow, darker bars. Slender, slightly depressed body. Ventral scales noticeably larger than those on back. Tail somewhat cylindrical; long and tapered, usually carrot-shaped. Scales on tail arranged in concentric rings, with those on the [ventral[ surface being slightly larger. Pronounced basal webbing between third and fourth toes.

Lesueur's velvet gecko (Amalosia lesueurii)
Girraween National Park, Queensland
Photo © David Fischer
Lesueur's velvet gecko (Amalosia lesueurii) distribution range map Amalosia lesueurii
Lesueur's velvet gecko
Year described
(Duméril & Bibron 1836)

slim velvet gecko (Amalosia obscura)
Artesian Range, Western Australia
Photo © Gina Barnett
slim velvet gecko (Amalosia obscura) distribution range map Amalosia obscura
Slim velvet gecko
Year described
(King 1984)

zigzag velvet gecko (Amalosia rhombifer)
Western Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland
Photo © Stewart Macdonald
zigzag velvet gecko (Amalosia rhombifer) distribution range map Amalosia rhombifer
Zigzag velvet gecko
Year described
(Gray 1845)

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  2. Oliver, P.M.; Bauer, A.M.; Greenbaum, E.; Jackman, T.; & Hobbie, T. (2012). Molecular phylogenetics of the arboreal Australian gecko genus Oedura Gray 1842 (Gekkota: Diplodactylidae): Another plesiomorphic grade?. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 63(2):255-264. - search web for this article
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