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Brown tree snake

brown tree snake (Boiga irregularis)
Tully, Queensland
Photo © Stewart Macdonald
Boiga irregularis - (Merrem, 1802)
Pronunciation  boe-EE-gah   ear-REG-you-LAH-ris
Etymology  Boiga: possibly meaningless, but likely referring to Boa, another genus of snakes.
irregularis: 'irregular', referring to the uneven pattern.
Other names  Night tiger
Doll's eye snake
Boiga fusca 
Total length
Species avg: 140 cm
Species max: 200 cm
Clutch size
Average: 6
Range: 6 - 12
Length and clutch size information comes from a variety of sources, but primarily from Shine (1991) and Cogger (2000).
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Natural history

Nocturnal. When provoked can become very defensive, rearing up and forming distinctive 'S' shape in body. May constrict prey as well as envenomating it, although the role of venom in subduing prey may be minimal.2 Sometimes squeezes through bars of bird cages, consumes inhabitants, and, finding itself too large to fit back through bars, greets a very surprised and horrified bird owner in the morning. Not considered dangerous. Small fangs located in back of mouth, with only weak venom. Large specimens, however, should be treated with caution. Taxon-specific venom effects and ontogenetic changes in venom composition have been found in one population of this species3.


Smaller individuals tend to feed on frogs, dragons, geckos and skinks, while larger individuals also consume mammals (especially house mice), birds and bird eggs.4 Shine (1991) found that, for brown tree snakes from New South Wales, mammals were a very important part of the diet; those from the Northern Territory consumed primarily lizards; those from Queensland ate primarily birds.4

Has been found to consume roadkill5.

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