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Dark-spined blind snake

dark-spined blind snake (Anilios bicolor)
Wyperfeld National Park, Victoria
Photo © Henry Cook
Anilios bicolor - (Peters, 1858)
Pronunciation  ann-NIL-ee-oss   BYE-kull-or
Etymology  Anilios: "The derivation of the generic name Anilios was not provided by Gray (1845), although Savage and Boundy (2012) suggest it was derived from the Greek an- (lacking) + helios (the sun)." (Shea 2015)
bicolor: 'two-coloured'.
Other names  Ramphotyphlops bicolor 
Total length
Species avg: 42 cm
Clutch size
Length and clutch size information comes from a variety of sources, but primarily from Shine (1991) and Cogger (2000).
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