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Blind snakes

Etymology: 'Blind eye-family'
Notes: Blind snakes are small, fossorial snakes. Their eyes are greatly reduced and covered in a thick scale, but still functional. They feed primarily on ant eggs and ant larvae. They can release a pungent odour if disturbed.
Statistics: Reproductive modes:
Oviparous - 46 out of 46 Australian species

Size range:
Smallest Australian species: Fassifern blind snake (Anilios insperatus) at 9.7 cm
Longest Australian species: proximus blind snake (Anilios proximus) at up to 75 cm
Number of Australian genera: 3
Number of Australian species: 46
Genus name Australian species
Anilios 44
Indotyphlops 1
Ramphotyphlops 1
3 46
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