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Eastern fat-tailed gecko

Eastern fat-tailed gecko (Diplodactylus platyurus)
Moranbah, Queensland
Photo © Stewart Macdonald
Diplodactylus platyurus - Parker, 1926
Pronunciation  DIP-low-DAK-till-us  
Etymology  Diplodactylus: 'double-toe'.1
Other names  Diplodactylus conspicillatus 
Snout-to-vent length
Species avg: 6 cm
Clutch size
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"Occurs over much of eastern and central Queensland, from Normanton and around Cairns in the north, south to around Rockhampton in the east, and throughout much of the channel country to west of the Great Dividing Range, extending south as far as north-west New South Wales and north-east South Australia."2

Found in the following Australian states/territories

Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia


"Occurs in subhumid to arid woodland habitats on a range of sand and clay based substrates (A. Emmott pers. com)."2