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Lake Cronin snake
Paroplocephalus - Keogh, Scott & Scanlon, 2000

Pronunciation: PAR-oh-plo-SEFF-ah-luss
 Etymology: 'next-to Hoplocephalus', "in reference to the close relationship and morphological similarity between the two genera."1

Taxonomic notes:

The sole member of this genus was previously placed in various other genera, before this genus was described by Keogh, Scott & Scanlon (2000).1

Statistics: Reproductive modes:
Live-bearing - 1 out of 1 Australian species

Size range:
Smallest Australian species: Lake Cronin snake (Paroplocephalus atriceps) at 70 cm
 Longest Australian species: Lake Cronin snake (Paroplocephalus atriceps) at up to 70 cm
Number of Australian species: 1

Lake Cronin snake (Paroplocephalus atriceps)
Lake Cronin, Western Australia
Photo © Jordan Vos
Lake Cronin snake (Paroplocephalus atriceps) distribution range map Paroplocephalus atriceps
Lake Cronin snake
Year described
(Storr 1980)
Brown, matt scales, golden iris, dark head, pale spots on lips.

  1. Keogh, J.S.; Scott, I.A.W.; & Scanlon, J.D. (2000). Molecular phylogeny of viviparous Australian elapid snakes: affinities of Echiopsis atriceps (Storr, 1980) and Drysdalia coronata (Schlegel, 1837), with description of a new genus. Journal of Zoology, 252(03):317-326. - search web for this article
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