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De Vis' banded snake

De Vis' banded snake (Denisonia devisi)
Condamine, Queensland
Photo © Stewart Macdonald
Denisonia devisi - Waite & Longman, 1920
Pronunciation  den-is-SOHN-ee-ah   de-VEE-ee
Etymology  Denisonia: after Sir William Denison, a former governor of New South Wales.
devisi: after Charles Walter de Vis (pronounced 'de vee', not 'de viss' - it's French), a former curator of the Queensland Museum.
Other names  Mud adder
Denisonia maculata devisi 
Total length
Species avg: 50 cm
Species max: 60 cm
Litter size
Average: 5
Range: 3 - 11
Length and clutch size information comes from a variety of sources, but primarily from Shine (1991) and Cogger (2000).
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A heavily built snake. Light brown above, with dark brown bands. These bands are about twice as wide as the lighter interband spaces. The head is dark brown with lighter specks. The lips are distinctly barred. The belly is white or cream.

Similar species

Ornamental snake (Denisonia maculata) - lacks prominent bands on the body.

Scale count information

Dorsal scales at midbody   17
Ventrals   120 to 150 with a single anal scale
Subcaudals   20 to 40 and are single
Other scale information   Smooth scales.
Danger rating   Potentially dangerous, although this snake has produced no known human fatalities.
Note: even a bite from a 'virtually harmless' or non-venomous reptile can result in serious complications. Play it safe and don't get bitten by anything.
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